Suzanne J. Willis 

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The Scarab Children of Montague

A Broken Cities Novella

Falstaff Books (2021)

Montague. A city of doors, dreams and danger, ruled by a mysterious Queen who keeps a collection of Scarab Children locked in the city’s highest tower. A hub of the Labyrinth, where lands intersect and people can lose themselves with the twist of a handle, the creak of a door hinge.

Twins Dee and Zet are the latest in a long line who are sent to live in Montague’s lighthouse. The city needs them and their dreams to keep it safe and its thousands of doors to other lands open. But the Queen needs them for a very different reason; a reason that sets brother against brother, imperilling Montague and all who call it home.

Lisette of the Raven, Ash of the Rook

A Broken Cities Novella

Falstaff Books (2019)

Lisette comes from a long line of executioners and is learning the trade from her mother. When Lisette’s secret is discovered, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Living on the edge of the Desert of Loss, catching the echoes of the condemned before they pass through into the labyrinth, is not for the faint-hearted. Then the echoes begin to speak back, carrying a message from the dead, and setting Lisette in search of answers. A search that leads her to the very last place she should be.

Great-Aunt Elsie's Book of Bevies

The Dark Magazine 

Issue 63 (August 2020)

A Solace of Shadows

Three Crows Magazine

Issue 7 (August 2020)

Finalist, 2020 Aurealis Awards Best Fantasy Short Story

Grief Trawling

Apparition Literary Magazine April 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge (2020)

Artwork: The Fish Harvest At Dawn by Anita Magsaysay Ho

Year of the Teacup Dragon

Curiosities #6 - World War II Special EditionEdited by Kevin Frost and Andrew McCurdy

Gallery of Curiosities (2019)

Blackhearts and Sorrowsong

A Miscellany of Death and Follyedited by Mark Beech

Egaeus Press (2019)

Goblin Harvest
Earth: Giants, Golems & Gargoyles edited by Rhonda Parrish
Tyche Books (2019)
A Wide Sky Multiplied
2019 - Issue 2 (July 2019)

A Silver Thread Between Worlds

F is for Fairy edited by Rhonda Parrish

Poise and Pen Publishing (2019)

Heartwood, Sapwood, Spring

Sword and Sonnet edited by Aidan Doyle, Rachel K. Jones & E. Catherine Tobler

Ate Bit Bear (2018)

Finalist, 2018 Aurealis Awards Best Fantasy Short Story

Each an Anchor for the Other

E is for Evil edited by Rhonda Parrish

Poise and Pen Publishing (2018)

A Nightingale's Map of the City (reprint)

Metaphorosis: Best of 2017 edited by B. Morris Allen

Metaphorosis Books (2018)

The Fragments of Others

Reading 5x5  edited by B. Morris Allen

Metaphorosis Books (2018)

Tommy-bones and a Packet of Earth

Strange California edited by Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Blatt

Falstaff Books (2017)

At The Still Point

Lackington's edited by Ranylt Richildis

Issue 14 (Spring 2017)

Husk and Sheaf (reprint)

StarQuake 4: SQ's Best Of 2015 edited by Sophie Yorkston

IFWG Publishing (2017)

Where Daemons Don't Tread

Respectable Horror edited by K. A. Laity

Fox Spirit Press (2017)

Grief in the Thousand Year City

D is for Dinosaur  edited by Rhonda Parrish

Poise and Pen Press (2017)

A Nightingale's Map of the City


February 2017

Husk and Sheaf (reprint)


Miniature 93 (November 2016)

Deadmen's Dreaming


Issue 5 (October 2016)

The Cartographer's Price

Mythic Delirium 3.1


Finalist, 2016 Aurealis Awards Best Fantasy Short Story

Given Shape By Moonlight

SQ Mag Symbiosis

Edition 26 (2016)

Sundark and Winterling (reprint)

Fantasy Scroll Magazine

Issue 11 (2016)

Memory Lane

The Never Never Land

Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (2015)

Sowing Rubies for Brides (Or the graveyard on the edge of Faeryland)

Luna Station Quarterly

Issue 23 (2015)

Husk and Sheaf

SQ Mag

Edition 22 (2015)

Finalist, 2015 Aurealis Awards Best Fantasy Short Story

When the sea is blue and the shallows clear (reprint)

The Best of Luna Station Quarterly: The First Five Years

Luna Station Press (2015)

Sundark and Winterling

BFS Journal #13 edited by Sarah Newton and Ian Hunter

British Fantasy Society (2014)

The Psychometrist

Postscripts 32/33: Far Voyager edited by Nick Gevers

PS Publishing (2014)

Number 73 Glad Avenue (reprint)

Time Travel: Recent Trips edited by Paula Guran

Prime Books (2014)

Rag and bone heart

Phantazein edited by Tehani Wessely

FableCroft Publishing (2014)

Number 73 Glad Avenue (audio reprint)

StarShipSofa No. 335


When the sea is blue and the shallows clear

Luna Station Quarterly

Issue 17 (2014)


The Rattenfänger's Pipe

Schlock Magazine

February 2014 issue


Jeux D'Enfants


Kayelle Press (2013)



Of Starfish Tides


Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (2013)


Number 73 Glad Avenue

One Small Step

FableCroft Publishing (2013)




The Faerie Tailor

Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi

Issue 6: Overgrown Paths (2012)

(Flash fiction)


Dark Spaces

A Rustle of Dark Leaves

Misanthrope Press (2012) - out of print



After the Rain

FableCroft Publishing (2011)



Issue 162 (December 2011)

(Flash fiction)




Issue 144 (June 2010)

(Flash fiction)


The Versicle

harvest magazine

Issue 2, Spring/Summer 2008 - out of print